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Michelle Chang

Nothing compares to the degree of satisfaction and affinity that I feel when I make jewelry. The process of making jewelry allows me to incorporate all the skills and interests that I've accumulated from my background in fine art, design, and illustration. For me, jewelry making is drawing, design, sculpture, and craft embodied in a tiny object that can be worn and which I hope will provide meaning and value to the wearer.

Inspiration is found in many things, whether they be small or large, natural or man-made, living or inert. In short, anything and everything.

I'm currently based in the LA area after having lived in NYC for many years. My team and I make each piece of jewelry in my sunny Southern California studio.

Cornell University, BS / University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Architecture / SF Academy of Art, BFA

Past to Present: 

Seoul, Korea :: NYC :: Ithaca, NY :: Copenhagen, Denmark :: NYC :: Lille, France :: NYC :: Seoul, Korea :: Tokyo, Japan :: San Francisco, CA :: NYC :: LA